Commercial pilots from airlines around the world are recognising the value of using Skylog Pro....

"Great news that you are planning to enable simulator details to be included in iphone conduit, together with the ability to search names in the simulator for the full version. I have passed the news on to those of my pals to whom I have recommended Skylog Pro, demonstrating how you react to customer feedback"

Jerry Palmer – British Airways B777

"I had used Skylog Pro for many years, I then moved on to Mac computers and sadly at the time couldn't run Skylog on it. This led me to use a rival programme and in my mind not as good.

Having used this other system for a couple of years now, it is really irritating me and would love to return to Skylog.

You have produced an app for the iphone and I just wondered whether on the back of this would you be considering a full Mac version. I would dearly like to be able to run Skylog solely on my Mac without having to acquire a Windows platform too.

Either way, I think I shall return to you, but that leads to my next question, would I be able to import my data from this other system - relieving me of the task of rewriting years of flying?

Marc Susca – Eastern Airways
(Note from Skylog Marc has now returned.)

"I've been using the program for almost a week and am very impressed. The ease of use and various reports are just what I need to track hours, info, duty time etc. I will have no hesitation at all in recommending this package to my colleagues. Keep up the good work..."

Terry O'Connor - B737 Ryanair

"I obtained Skylog Pro last August and have been using it since. It is a good piece of work and delivers the goods"

H.S. Faiz – B777 Emirates

"Many thanks for your e-mail, I had heard from some other guys at work that your tech support was 'the best' and it would appear you are living up to the claim"

Kris Heslop - B737 Channel Express

"Just like to take a chance to tell you that you have a great log book software, tried working on a few others before but by far this is the best. Very user friendly and has great functions. Really enjoying it and really made my life easier. Worth every penny spent."

Bassem Hamadeh - A320 Air Arabia

"I have been using Skylog Pro for some time. I find it's very useful to keep my records updated using my Pocket PC and then transferring to my home PC - very easy then to keep up to date and not suddenly realize that I'm weeks behind and then have to spend hours laboriously writing in a normal paper logbook. I would certainly recommend it".

Capt Roy Jones - Flybe
TRI/Base Trainer BAe146/LTC Dash8-Q400

"Thanks for your quick response. In my new role I deal with first officers coming up to command and as I need to check their logbooks it is a pleasure when they are using skylog"

Roger Llewellyn - EasyJet Base Capt. Liverpool

"I've been using SkyLog Pro from early 2004. I have already recommended it to our company pilots. So far, there are no problems with the software. For sure, it's the next generation of e-logbooks!"

Nektarios Anastasopoulos
B737 Aegean Airlines

"Many thanks!  I do recommend your programme to colleagues & will do so with renewed vigor in the future"

David Chinn
B777 BA

"Just for your info I am now flying for Cathay Pacific and still find
your program invaluable, as do others"

Pat Voigt
Cathay Pacific 

"Just thought I'd congratulate you on a very simple yet comprehensive package that's a must for every pilot. I've been using it for a few years now and have recommended it to others.'

Capt Ethan Gillard - Cityjet 

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