Free upgrades for the PC Skylog Apple Conduit required for the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Skylog Pro app (available from Apple's App Store) and the PC Skylog Android Conduit required for the Skylog Pro Android app (available from Google Play) are available for download from here. Please download the appropriate installation program to your PC and run it from Windows Explorer on your PC (not the mobile apps) rather than running them from your browser ie, click 'Download' not 'Run'.

If downloading the Skylog Apple Conduit, please ensure you have read FAQ 12 which details the iPhone Conduit's configuration requirements.

If downloading the Skylog Android Conduit, please ensure you have read FAQ 16 (for usb cable syncing) or FAQ 18 (for Wi-Fi network syncing) which detail the Android Conduit's configuration and syncing requirements. If running Android 5 or later, please read FAQ 20 first.

These Skylog Apple and Android Conduits can only be used with the following Skylog Pro versions:


V6.13 onwards for Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod touch devices (Pro only)

V6.13 onwards for Android devices (Pro only)

Please see FAQ 15 for the current status of Skylog's mobile applications.


PC Skylog Apple Conduit App for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
PC Skylog Android Conduit App for Android devices


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